Experience In Olive
The remaining 90 years of our ancestors, we offer our experience with the Sunan brand.
Confidence In Exports
41 years experience in exports.

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Olives which are the human food source for thousands of years, is tree native Anatolia.
Over time, olive trees spread in Greece, Italy, Africa, Spain, France and the United States due to the favorable climates.

Manufacturer with 92 years of experience and knowledge ARDES OLIVE A.S., assurance of quality and taste has been open to development and understanding that brings innovation to the sector, which produces the first time in Turkey
pasteurized olives and taking steps in this direction in the creation of new technologies continues to be the pioneer.

Being aware of produced food affects directly human health, there is a control at every stage of our production. In this direction, we continue technological investments in our new high-capacity factory in Aydın Organized Industrial Zone and we export around the world.

All grown in Turkey, primarily Gemlik, Memecik, Domat, Yamalak, Uslu, Ayvalik (Edremit), Kaba and Kalamata varieties of green and black olives are produced in the form of whole, pitted, sliced​​, stuffed, scratched and cracked.

Our olives are packed in a different sizes of cans, glass jars, vacuum packs (tray and bag) and PET.
In addition, we buy regional vine leaves to pack in vacuum bags, cans, jars and PET mainly for export purposes.

We also offer Capers to our customers which are imported from various countries and packed in drums, cans, jars and PET.

We keep on exporting mainly to United Arab Emirates, the European Union, United States and Russia and hoping to explore new markets with you.